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RRMS POS - Restaurant/Retail Management System

Restaurant/Retail Management System (RRMS POS) is a new generation of Restaurant/Retail management program that streamlines your Restaurant/Retail operations (from booking, dine in, altering, Ordering, payment, discount, takeaway and delivery to inventory and customer recognise), allowing you to maximise revenue and profit opportunities by providing? features you need to track all of your sales, inventory, purchase orders, customers and accounting.. RRMS POS enables you to enjoy cost-efficient features that reduce costs simply by decreasing the amount of time usually spent on manual and time-consuming operations and accounting tasks.
RRMS POS is built on the most advanced, and most popular 'industry standard' platform - Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft SQL Server (interfacing with Microsoft Access VBA).With this technology (combined with the appropriate hardware), RRMS POS proves to be both stable and flexible.

Designed using the latest software technologies, to make training new staff easy and the ability to process sales faster, you will wish you had made this change a long time ago.RRMS POS gives users the knowledge that this software will be able to be used for years to come.

RRMS POS enables you to improve your customer service and the efficiency of Restaurant Retail operations and is comprised of modules designed to facilitate the relationship between you and your customers.Why spend more time at work than you have to doing manual labour, when RRMS POS can automate the way you run your Restaurant store.


RRMS POS - Standard Features

cimage_143.jpgTable Management

RRMS POS offers management of all tables and orders with key features such as:

  •        Restaurant Floor Plan with mapping of tables and number of seats
  •       Organisation of bookings/reservations

Duration of time each customer has stayed

cimage_148.jpgStaff Security

Create staff profiles

  •         Name
  •        Employee number
  •         Position
  •         Pay rate
  •         Access permissions

Use timesheets for organising staff

Able to record and trace staff activity


cimage_135.pngFreeze Sales

Put on hold sales and resume when needed

Move on to next sale to keep the line moving

e.g while a customer changes their mind and goes back to get extra item or return an item


RRMS POS can create vouchers which are added to the receipt,giving you the power to run your own Voucher campaigns


cimage_142.jpgScale Interface

Interface your scales to RRMS POS for weighing Grocery, fruit, coffee sales etc. Scale interfacing ensures your calculations are always correct and avoids manual calculations


cimage_137.jpgKitchen Printing

Prints out orders for use in the kitchen:

  •         Lists items in order of cooking e.g entrée, main, dessert
  •         Allows printing to multiple food stations
  •         Allows specialised orders e.g non-spicy, no tomato


cimage_149.JPGBarcode Management

Built in Barcode Generator, Scan barcodes at register for product entry

Add barcodes to new products easily

Can use barcodes for customer loyalty cards


cimage_141.jpgRetail Mode

RRMS POS has a fully featured retail mode with bar-coding, Label printing, Layby, Credit Note and more.



Easily assemble multiple detailed reports and simple payment reports with shift by shift summary


cimage_125.jpgPhone Orders

Receiving phone orders is easy, your can add or search customers details instantly making delivery or pick up orders simple to manage.


RRMS POS - Add On Features


RRMS POS provides incredible flexibility for your membership and loyalty programmers with full Member features and functionality. Remembers mebers and cards can be used at all branches


cimage_151.jpgAdvanced Inventory / Recipe Management

Purchase & Inventory Tracking allow you to manage the row material inventory by calculating the portion of row materials which hasformed the final Product.

Missing/ wasted items

Calculates usage so you can check against the theoretical amount to see if any items are missing


cimage_136.jpgInterface to Accounts & Payroll

Account charges, payments, Timesheets, etcs can be exported to text file and imported to Accounts & Payroll Packages.

cimage_140.jpgWaiters Ordering using Mobiles

Waiters can use mobile terminals with full POS Order functionality for direct ordering and better efficiency- no need to take down orders by writing. Also available on iPads & iPhones


cimage_147.jpgKitchen Bump Screen

Kitchen Bump Screen networked to POS. Delete items on queue when completed/served. Displayed in the kitchen with meal waiting times and alerts so chefs know which items are completed and which need to be made

Items are colour-coded to show customer waiting time


cimage_139.jpgPDE stocktaking

Drastically improves speed and accuracy of stock takes using the PDE stock take module with barcode scanning for fast entries


cimage_118.jpgEftpos interface

Interface to Eftpos for faster transactions with higher accuracy and  fewer mistakes